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As part of the week- long Chautauqua Art Lab 2010, one such event, Built Environment / Blog Ecosystem / Media Landscape hosted by Jordan Hicks, will take place on Wednesday, May 5th at 7:00 PM.  The event will feature local bloggers who focus attention to preservation concerns in the St. Louis Area.  Bloggers invited include:

Alex Ihnen: urbanSTL

Alderman Antonio French: PubDef

Michael Allen: Ecology of Absence

Rick Bonasch: STL Rising

Toby Weiss: B.E.L.T

…and myself, Jami ‘Desy’ Schoenewies, to talk about 56 Houses Left.

I highly recommend taking a look at the above blogs: I am now truly a fan of each of them as they are in-depth, focused, informative and passionate about preservation in our area.   They admittedly dwarf the scope of 56 Houses Left and leave a sense understanding in why it is necessary to preserve and document our structures,  the new media available for documentation, and the reasons why people preserve and document their surroundings.

If you would like to attend this discussion, the address is: 
View Larger Map“>1310 South 18th Street (Lafayette Square), St. Louis, MO 63104.

Some of the questions we will be addressing include:

  • Who is your intended audience, and how well do you feel that you reach them?
  • We all know that online media offers greater accessibility – but how does the format affect your content?
  • What is your relationship with traditional media /journalism?
  • How does your online project affect your professional position – are there conflicts of interest or a kind of symbiosis?
  • What are your responsibilities running an online entity – is there a set of ethics that you follow?

Should be a very interesting discussion and one that I will be taking notes on as well as participating!  I hope to get a copy of the discussion and stream the recording if possible.

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