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From Julie Pellow:
Hello! I am contacting you in response to pictures of my home I found on
4197 Pont. I stumbled on your site only today and wanted to thank you for
this documentation of assault on our beloved community. I loved what you
said about our house. My parents, Butch and Jodi Harris, really did have
pride of ownership. We were obviously devastated to leave (and one of the
last). If you are looking for any specific info or pictures in it's prime,
 I will be thrilled to help. The house was on the corner of Pont Dr. and
Patty Ln. The other house referenced in the same post (4229 Pont) was the
home of my dad's best friend's family, Duke and Kathy Albers. They met in
 college and ended up 2 doors down from each other!

In reference to the night my house was on fire... the house across the
street on Patty Lane was still occupied by the Bulger family. They were
the very last family. There was another fire up Patty and Lorna Bulger was
home with her 2 small boys while her husband was traveling for work. She
called my dad, terrified that the vandals would break in. She lived in
fear for months!

Thanks again for your work!
From Linda Karin: Her home on Phelps circa 1974
Linda Karin, circa 1974

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