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In the past month, I have seen more gates go up and my hopes grow ever more sour regarding the remaining homes being demolished in the proper manner in a timely fashion.

Lambert, thank you for finally starting work again, even if it has been 8 months and dragged out for too many years.

This weekend, the evidence is ripe that demolition work is going to begin again.  The familiar orange sewer cap stickers were placed on a few homes with front yards freshly dug up.   The word “clear” has been freshly spray painted on the driveways from the various residential utility companies in the area.  A fire hydrant use permit for my friends at Jones Excavating and Demolition Co. is wrapped around a hydrant on Pont.  The asbestos removal trucks have removed all unwanted debris and thoroughly cleared out any asbestos containing insulation and tiling out of a couple of the houses on Pont.

I walked around Carrollton for hours this past fine weekend, and I am glad that, finally, in the beauty of the fall colors, its starting to look like maybe there will be an end for the homes in the near future.   It was a bittersweet weekend, and I have to admit how much I wish all of this was a non-issue and Carrollton was just a normal suburban neighborhood with magestic large red, orange and yellow trees.   Empty of its residents, nature can and already has in many aspects settle in and reclaim.   If you were to drive through Carrollton now and take in the perfection of the colors from this season from the tall and magnificant trees left by the residents, you too would want to see this place converted into a park for the enjoyment of all.

I will write more later about my weekend observations, but the important thing for you to do is to a) go vote tomorrow, b) go and take a drive through Carrollton during the peak color time, and c) demand that beautiful places be returned to the people and to nature.

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