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6 houses, all the houses that remained on the South side of 270 in the Carrollton area have been demolished this past week.  All 6 houses were on Gladwyn and Pont.   The wrecker was clearing out the concrete from the last house on Gladwyn yesterday when I checked.

Asbestos crews are currently working on Brampton, just after finishing Brumley (although  not as thoroughly- all the drywall remains, only the fireplace insulation is gone).

There was a fire at the house on Marburn sometime less than two weeks ago.   Half of the house remains, but it was not cleared out as fast as the Chartley house.

Given the holidays and the time it takes to do the asbestos work, my guess is that they will finish clearing out the houses in January 2009.   The last house will go down 20 years after the initial announcement of the runway expansion plans.

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