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Just a small update:

The house on Marburn that was partially burnt out has been demolished and they are finishing up asbestos work on Grandin, which is the last remaining house that needs to have asbestos abatement. It looks like the final demolitions of the remaining 6 houses should begin soon.

Also, it looks like things are moving along with the airport and the Chinese air shipping hub. There was a recent article in the Post Dispatch about it.

On the morning of Chinese New Year, the St. Louis region took another step in its bid to become China’s gateway to the Midwest.

Local business and government leaders met Monday with Chinese Ambassador Zhou Wenzhong in St. Louis and announced to a packed hotel conference room the creation of a Midwest China Hub Commission to steer development of an air cargo hub at Lambert-St. Louis International Airport.

I’ll be posting more photos and info in the week to come.

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