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On June 24, I received this email from a young reader with a driving goal to become a photojournalist. Thank you Drew for sharing your interest in Carrollton and for utilizing your talent to create stunning images from the area we once loved.

As of an hour ago I knew nothing about Carrolton, mostly because I’m only 18 and was too young to remember any of this. I actually began to investigate the whole story of what went on there because me and my friend went there today. Upon entrance and on our drive there (my friend had already been there with some of his friends) we were calling it “ghost town.” He described a subdivision where everything was there, but the houses. The idea did not impress me, but when we arrived I was blown away. As a photographer all I could see was how beautiful it all was. I intend to go back, but with a new perspective on the area. I have seen pictures and read many of your posts now, and I think I can remember feeling the eerie pain and sorrow that must have ensued the area. While we were there we spent much of the time feeling as if we weren’t safe there. I think that’s even more worrisome to think about when I read your posts about how comfortable people were with the area. How I wish that life was still that trustworthy and safe. Anyways, me and my friend are now genuinely interested in the story of Carrolton, and intend to go back another day. I took a photo while we were there, and I thought I should include it in this message. Without this website I don’t think that me and him would really know what happened there. We just assumed it was a neighborhood that never got built.

Here is a link to Drew’s image, Desolation.

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