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It is hard not to wonder…

Carrollton existed between a radioactive dump and a radioactive creek. These dangers were unknown throughout Carrollton’s existence. Yet, despite knowing how useless the new runway would likely be, multiple agencies were determined to buyout our houses in Bridgeton and build it. Was there another motive to building the runway? Did they know then what we know now?

Many are still looking for answers from Lambert and the FAA on why the runway was built even after TWA collapsed and the airline ecomonic bubble appeared to be bursting in 2002. Maybe  it is a coincidence that 2,000 homes in very close proximity to a radioactive landfill was destroyed and what was left of the area is (mostly) gated off.

A blessing in disguise, or maybe officials in St. Louis and Jefferson City knew something we didn’t know. If they did damage control by  removing Bridgeton’s largest community, they left behind many other small neighborhoods that are, surprisingly, still thriving.

Just a mere thought regarding the coincidence of it all.

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