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I’m still going to save all the metaphors and prophetic speech I have saved up for a later post.   For right now, I really feel nothing but peace that it is finally over.

12679 Grandin came down around 2:00 this afternoon, Tues. February 10th.    Together with my good friends, I did in fact photograph and film the whole thing, just as I did my own house.  It was eerily almost exactly like how my own house was destroyed…  A clear day, I raced to get there on time, the feelings of elation as I watched every crushing thrash of the barrel tear through the structure reducing the home to toothpicks and pebbles, it was all the same.  At  the end, the final feelings of sadness that it actually happened after all the wait was a strange reminder of a sunny fall day in October of 2006.   It was also exactly the same time of day.

There are no more homes, but there are the streets with no names, the fading house numbers painted on the curbs, and the street lights illuminating for nobody past the closed gates.     The Chinese Air Shipping hub may be a real possibility for what was once my home, but nobody knows for sure.

All we know is that our homes are now mere memories, and nobody will vandalize them now.

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I went through Carrollton today and 4 of the remaining 5 homes have been torn down in the past week. There is one lone house remaing of the original 2,000.

It is 12679 Grandin. The asbestos has been removed as well as all of the materials that are used during the removal. It looks like the final chapter of Carrollton subdivision will take place with the teardown of the house on Monday. If you would like to pay your respects to the final home and to Carrollton as a whole, please do it today, Saturday, February 7, or on Sunday, February 8, 2009.  Here is where the home is.

If you cannot visit, please post your comments below. Thank you.

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From these standing 56, there are three houses left that I suspected as being occupied… and yesterday one of them held a garage sale. Today in front of that little yellow house remains a pile of forgotten furniture and broken fitness equipment. Rising among the stacked debris is a mattress declaring “Free Stuff” in red spray paint. I had previously avoided photographing this house and the other two remaining houses on their block while they lived there. They deserve their privacy against us onlookers who drive by and stare at the curiosity of the area now.

I guess its true… I am now just an onlooker. I can’t really call the place home anymore. Despite the fact that I still remember every street name, even those whose nameplates have been stolen years ago, it only barely resembles home. And, I fear none of it will be accessible for much longer. Today, I witnessed the first sign that the airport is moving in on our side of Carrollton, in the form of the Airport Police patrol car. While photographing the aforementioned home, I saw a cop head up the road. No problem, Bridgeton cops have witnessed my documenting habit for over a year now and have been cool with me standing around the derelict houses. Yet, this time it was not one of the local cops. I was shocked to see the airport logo on this patrol car. The officer slowed down as he approached and deeply glared at me. (more…)

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