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From the last post until November 5th, Carrollton had been a relatively calm and lonely place. A perfect place to spend some time walking and thinking while taking pictures of the autumn colors. Most people find the area creepy and are scared away by the graffiti and the broken windows. I must confess, I stray less far from my car nowadays than I did a year ago, and I am never without my phone or other useful items. I find that I now try and bring others along when possible. Yet, the days when I am alone in Carrollton, I am at ease. Never off guard, but definitely not scared. Maybe it is because I know the area too well. Or, maybe the sense of security from living in such a tight-knit community never quite wore off.

I was beginning to wonder if anything left would be destroyed, or if Lambert was finished for the winter. Years ago, I once heard rumors that they wanted everything gone by 2006. When my mom was approached with a buyout in the spring of ’06, rumors of finishing by spring of 2007 were rampant. Well, they still have dozens of structures and its already almost ’08. So, given their track record, I assumed that they would just let things sit until spring of next year.

Despite not doing any demo work in the last six weeks, four houses were taken this week alone. Right now, some of the wrecking equipment remains in the area, indicating that they will be working again soon. (more…)

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