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4325 Gladwyn- A customized brick house on Gladywn was taken on Monday, Nov. 19th This was another home that was vacated within the year. This house stands out to me not only because of the unusual brickwork, but the intensive gardening the residents had done. All kinds of beautiful and edible plant life existed in their boundaries. I believe it was an older couple who lived there- I would often see the lady outside working in her yard. She must have tended to her flowers until the day they moved. A story about gardening: My mom remained in our house on Brumley for almost a year after acquiring her new home. The house she wanted needed major work (like taking out a 1960s inground pool for starters) and she didn’t want to be in the house while work was being done. My mom also loves doing yard and landscape work on her own. So, for the last two Spring seasons she was in Carrollton, she and I would dig up flowers and small bushes in the empty lots to use at her new place. I also found myself engaged in the yard raiding practice for my own home. One day, we were digging up some Lily-of-the-Valley off Gladwyn just a few home lots away from the brick house. The lady was in her yard watching us, but my mom just kept pulling up the leafy plants. I tried to ignore the woman at the brick house, but once I looked up, sure enough this woman was staring right at us. (more…)

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