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12803 Primghar Destroyed 11/29

The house went down as expected on November 29th. Since daylight savings, it has been increasingly difficult to go into Carrollton during light hours. So it was a mild shock going in at twilight to faintly see the wrecker atop a mound of dirt and debris. After taking some night shots I repeatedly heard heavy rustling of leaves despite the windless evening. I won’t attempt to analyse an illogical event, but I will say that I did listen for some time to whatever there may be. All else I will say on the subject, that night I felt at peace and with calmness, senses I don’t normally feel at nighttime through Carrollton (at least, as of late). I know a person was not physically there. I also can say that I don’t know or believe enough to think someone was there in spirit, despite the fact I really did not feel alone. It was one of the most oddest things I ever experienced… but alas, it is what it is. (more…)

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