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3991 Bondurant Destroyed 12/11

#46 was 3991 Bondurant. During the weekend ice storm, we saw the wrecker parked in the driveway, covered in ice and waiting to dig in. Monday we were hit with another wave of ice, but Tuesday, the ice cleared up and the house was destroyed.

This house was just at the entrance to the park. A quiet little house that sat vacant since last winter (or possibly very early spring) and was vandalized heavily this past fall. I can say that I am sure the police department is glad to see this one go, since much in the graffiti was directed at them. For me, it was one that was such a nice and well-kept home. It was the ideal little Carrollton house, and its dilapitation makes for the perfect poster-home for why the airport should have done something sooner.

I got some enjoyable pictures from this house, from its humble well-manicured beginnings to its ice-covered last hours. Although there are two houses left on Bondurant, the street feels very empty without this one.

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